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  1. D) UNI
  2. D) The Fourth Estate
  3. D) By line
  4. D) Freelance photographers
  5. a newspaper campaign to bring about a desired reform or improvement
  6. C) The mechanics of writing used in journalism
  7. B) Bengal Gazette
  8. C) (a)-(iii), (b)-(i), (c)-(iv), (d)-(ii)
  9. B) Macaulay
  10. B) III, I, IV, II
  11. B) 1362
  12. A) the Newbolt Report, Sir Henry Newbolt
  13. D) Structural Approach
  14. B) (a), (b) and (c)
  15. B) Grammar Translation Method
  16. D) Michael West
  17. A) Lord Amherst
  18. B) II and IV
  19. C) B.B. Kachru
  20. C) It proposed the teaching of English Literature at the university level
  21. C) Associate language
  22. A. Lathi-charge
  23. B) (a) and (c)
  24. C) The introduction of English as the medium of instruction in a Western system of education that included literature, natural sciences and mechanical inventions
  25. B) To study the problems of Calcutta University
  26. C) Lord Bentinck
  27. B) (a)-(iii), (b)-(iv), (c)-(ii), (d)-(i)
  28. C) Rupert Snell
  29. D) A minimal pidgin that emerged during colonial times in the Madras Presidency
  30. A) (a) and (d)
  31. B) II and IV
  32. D) Toynbee
  33. C) Martin Heidegger
  34. C. World War II
  35. C) Beckett
  36. D. absurd Drama
  37. B) The politically dispossessed could be voiceless, written out of the historical record and ignored because their activities do not count for “Cultural” or “Structured”.
  38. B) (a), (c) and (d) are correct; (b) is wrong
  39. D) Claude Levi-Strauss
  40. D) Sumit Sarkar
  41. A) Martin Esslin
  42. A) Myth of Sisphus
  43. A) Both (A) and (R) are true and (R) is the correct explanation of (A).
  44. A) The use of fragmented narrative structures with multiple shifts in consciousness, chronology and location
  45. D) Toynbee.
  46. C) Martin Heidegger
  47. C. World War II
  48. B) Leslie Fiedler
  49. B) Roaland Barthes
  50. 50.     B) celebrates
  51. D) restricts

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