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  1. D) Enobarbus
  2. C) Antony & Cleopatra
  3. A) North’s translation of Plutarch
  4. C) Antony and Cleopatra
  5. A) love and honour
  6. A. Ventidius
  7. A. Romeo
  8. C) His excessive fondness for Cleopatra threatens to compromise his duties as a Roman statesman
  9. B) Summon a soothsayer, who reads their palms
  10. A) He regrets having wished her dead and wishes her back
  11. D) He and Lepidus are left with the unfair burden of responding to Pompey’s armies by themselves
  12. B) A pearl
  13. B) Antony should marry Caesar’s sister, Octavia
  14. A) As long as Antony remains in Rome, his fortune will be overshadowed by Caesar’s
  15. C) She beats her messenger, then orders him to go and size up the competition
  16. B) Ridding the seas of pirates and furnishing Rome with supplies of wheat
  17. D) He wishes Menas had done the deed without telling him
  18. D) He does not want to win Antony’s disfavor by outperforming him in battle
  19. A) The messenger reports that Octavia is plain-looking and generally unimpressive
  20. B) He wishes her to make peace between himself and Caesar, who has disparaged his name in public
  21. A) A fleet of sixty ships
  22. B) He follows her and leads his troops in a retreat
  23. A) With a kiss
  24. C) To be allowed to live in Egypt with Cleopatra
  25. A) He becomes enraged and determines to challenge Caesar in one-on-one combat
  26. C) Strange music
  27. D) He grieves for having corrupted an honest man and orders his friend’s possessions returned to him
  28. A) He feels extreme guilt and determines to die rather than fight him
  29. B) Send him word that she has killed herself
  30. B. Octava Rima
  31. C) The Earl of South Ampton
  32. C) Milton
  33. C) 14 lines
  34. C) 154
  35. A) a couplet
  36. C. seventeen
  37. A) Wyatt
  38. C. Dark lady
  39. C. 1609
  40. A) Venus and Adonis
  41. A. Macbeth
  42. B. Iambic
  43. B) April 22, 1565
  44. A) Happy
  45. A) Everyone dies
  46. A) Summer
  47. C) He is dying
  48. E) All of the above
  49. C) You owe it to the world to have a child so that future generations may appreciate your beauty after you have passed away
  50. B) The summer season ends too quickly.
  51. B) “Master-mistress of my passion”
  52. C) Then i can cry over the injury of many faded memories
  53. A) “And nothing stands but for his scythe to mow”
  54. D) The passing of time

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