MADURAI- 10, MOBILE: 9789513730



  1. A)England and France
  2. A)Julius Caesar
  3. B) Henry IV Part I
  4. A) Henry-IV
  5. B. Edmund Mortimer
  6. D. Edmund
  7. B. Falstaff
  8. B. the pun
  9. C. Shreusbury
  10. A. Percy
  11. C) Henry IV
  12. B) Hotspur
  13. C) Julius Caesar
  14. A. Sextus Pompey
  15. A) The Boar’s Head
  16. C) Shrewsbury
  17. B) Richard II
  18. D) To lower expectations, so that when he chooses to act kingly, he will impress everyone all the more
  19. A) He has not eaten well, slept well, or made love to her for two weeks
  20. D) They say that Henry is ungrateful for the role they played in helping him seize the throne
  21. B) A skin of wine
  22. D) Harry
  23. A) He deviously chose not to convey Henry’s peace offering to Hotspur
  24. C) 1596
  25. B) Welsh
  26. D) Scottish
  27. A) Percy
  28. C) Harry’s younger brother
  29. B) Poins
  30. D) From a place where he has staged many robberies
  31. B) By playing dead
  32. A) John
  33. C) He thinks it is overly harsh
  34. D) Mortimer
  35. D) He is an active participant in the rebellion against the king
  36. B) He is too sick
  37. C) He took it in a revolution
  38. A) Age
  39. D) Falstaff does not die in the play
  40. A. a Problem play 
  41. B) Vienna
  42. C) Isabella
  43. B) Tragedy
  44. C) Measure for Measure
  45. C. Provost
  46. D. fornication
  47. C) Vienna
  48. B) A friar
  49. B) Sex
  50. D) She lost her dowry
  51. D) Marry him
  52. C) Escalus
  53. B) Vienna
  54. A) Fornication
  55. B) Nun
  56. B) So angelo can clean up the city
  57. D) A friar
  58. C) Because she might persuade angelo
  59. D) Model of mercy

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