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UNIT-IV-NOVELS- Test – 1­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­6

  1. C) Miss Havisham
  2. C) David Copperfield
  3. B. Drummle
  4. A. Jim
  5. B)it was how he pronounced his last name when he was a child
  6. A)Pip
  7. C)An Friendship but some of the time unequal as Pop feels embarrassed by Joe
  8. C. Magwitch
  9. A. Agonizing
  10. A. Biddy
  11. A)Miss Havisham’s garden, where they fought
  12. A)A man’s home is his castle’
  13. C)have no heart and break the hearts of men
  14. A)She was apologizing for her behavior toward Pip and Joe
  15. A)His benefactor would make her/himself known to Pip
  16. B. He secretly sets up a job for
  17. A. Miss Havisham’s brother
  18. A. Compeyson
  19. A. Bildungs roman
  20. B) Dickens’ The great Expectations
  21. D. Celia
  22. B) Middlemarch
  23. C. Sixth
  24. A. town mayor
  25. B. Will Ladislaw
  26. A. Fred Vincy
  27. B. The green dragon
  28. C. Will’s grandmother Julia
  29. A. The conservative party
  30. B. Will Ladislaw
  31. A. the shrubs
  32. D. Mr.Bulstrode
  33. D. Mr.Buistrode
  34. C. Mr. Brooke
  35. D. Casaubon and Farebrother
  36. B) Mary Anna Evans
  37. C) George Eliot
  38. D)        nineteenth
  39. A. Jude
  40. D. at a bar in Christminster
  41. A)She wants to marry antoher man
  42. B. he was hanged
  43. B)she feets it will destroy their happiness
  44. B)because she feels no woman is good enough for Jude
  45. B. Jude and Arabella
  46. D. Remembrance Day
  47. C. they commit suicide’
  48. A)she renounces her ties to Jude
  49. D. women and alcohol
  50. D. not to marry Phillotson
  51. C. She gets him drunk
  52. A)She consummates her marriage with phillotson
  53. B. She goes to see the boat races.
  54. C. Arabella
  55. B. Wessex    
  56. A. Scholar, Stonemason
  57. B. she feigms pregnancy
  58. A. her hair
  59. B. in a portrait owned by his aunt Dursilla
  60. A. they are cousins
  61. D) TO the Lighthouse
  62. B) light and darkness
  63. B. James and Cam
  64. D. Skye
  65. C. Fighting in World War I
  66. B. Stockings’
  67. B. His fondness for shooting birds    
  68. C. 1927
  69. C. The Hebrides
  70. D. By asking for more soup
  71. A. a shawl
  72. D. A tree
  73. D. As a wedge shaped core of darkness
  74. D. The Charge of the Light Brigade
  75.    C. they commit suicide’
  76.             A. Augustus Carmichael
  77. D. None of the above
  78.    B. Minta Doyle’s parents
  79. A. Her handbag
  80. c. James
  81. C. Cutting
  82. D. In an illness related to childbirth
  83. D. Badger
  84. A. The Atheist
  85. D. Macalister’s boy
  86. C. Mildred
  87. D. William Bankes
  88. D. The third
  89. A 10 years
  90. D. Paul Rayley
  91. D. Paul Rayley and Minta Doyle
  92. B. She is a tomboy
  93. B. Safe
  94. A. His intellect
  95. D. A portrait of a artist as a young man.
  96. D) The Power and the Glary
  97. C. The Gringo
  98. A. The power and the Glory
  99. A . His name isn’t given
  100. B. Treason
  101. A. Carmen
  102. B. brigitta
  103. B. Morse Code
  104. D. La MartirEterna (Latin)
  105. B. new American
  106. A. 25 centavos
  107. D. Magwitch

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