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UNIT-II-NOVEL- Test – ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­9-ANSWERS

  1. B) Fielding  
  2. B) Nature and Fortune
  3. D. The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling
  4. D. Picarasque
  5. B) Tom Jones
  6. C) George lyttleton
  7. A) Allworthy
  8. D) Between his sheets
  9. A) Jenny jones
  10. C) Dr Blifil
  11. A) Captain blifil
  12. C) He died of a broken heart
  13. C) Hogarth’s “winter morning”
  14. D) Mr. Partridge
  15. B) Jealous
  16. B) He defends himself
  17. D) Life
  18. C) To get tom turned away from allworthy’s house
  19. C) By having him die
  20. C) He has a heart attack.
  21. B) She erects a monument
  22. C) Tom jones
  23. A) The family silver
  24. A) By trying to ravish her
  25. B) Thwackum
  26. B) Mrs. Miller
  27. A. Master Blifil
  28. C. neo-classical
  29. D) To assist his friend the gamekeeper
  30. D) A treacherous friend

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