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UNIT-I-NOVELS- Test – ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­23-ANSWERS

  1. Mark Twain
  2. B. Mark Twain
  3. D. Mark Twain
  4. C) Mark Twain
  5. C. Southern Antebellum
  6. A. Jim
  7. A) Widow Douglas
  8. C. Moby dick
  9. B) encounter between captain Ahab and a fierce whale
  10. D. W. Whitman
  11. B. O farther, farther, farther sail !
  12. D. All of the above
  13. A. The bird
  14. C. Walt Whitman
  15. D. Whitman
  16. A. The fourth of July, 1855
  17. B. Nine
  18. A. 12
  19. B. Emerson
  20. A. Leaves of Grass
  21. A. Pequod
  22. B) encounter between captain Ahab and a fierce whale
  23. B) Ishmael
  24. C) The White Whale
  25. D. Pequod.
  26. A. Pequod
  27. B) Tar
  28. B) It is a search for the mysteries of man and nature and the Universe
  29. C) Queequeg
  30. A) all day and all night
  31. D) The Champion
  32. A) 2
  33. B) bone spur
  34. B) Cienfuegos
  35. A) Ties two oars together across the stern
  36. B) 84 days
  37. D) “The worst form of unlucky”
  38. D) They are the color of the sea
  39. B) Most of the fishermen mock him
  40. B) Joe DiMaggio
  41. D) Pictures
  42. C) Lions on the beach
  43. B) He believes it is imprecise, and he strives always to be exact
  44. A) A tuna
  45. C) He pulls and pulls on the line and nothing happens
  46. D) He wishes that the boy, Manolin, were with him
  47. C) 1952
  48. C) tuna
  49. D) 100 fathoms
  50. C) Havana
  51. D) it will fill its air sacks and not be able to dive deep
  52. C) it cramps
  53. B) He considers that he and the marlin are brothers, joined by the fact that they both ventured far out beyond all people and dangers in the water
  54. B) The predatory hawks that await the bird’s arrival near land
  55. C) His hand cramps
  56. B) He decides to recite ten Hail Marys and ten Our Fathers
  57. A) A bone spur
  58. C) Arm wrestling
  59. D) The Old Man and the Sea
  60. A) Man’s adventurous spirit
  61. C) Joseph Conrad                 
  62. D) The Old Man and the Sea
  63. A. Gulf Stream
  64. B. Hemingway
  65. D) The people who will eat the meat are unworthy
  66. B) Flying fish
  67. A) He harpoons it through the heart
  68. B) One hour
  69. D) Everything in the world kills everything else in some way
  70. A) Manolin promises to sail with him
  71. D) Swam alongside the boat as though in mourning
  72. D) Cuba
  73. D) 84
  74. C) his eyes
  75. C) His parents have told him to fish with others
  76. D) Picture of Fidel Castro
  77. D) Joe DiMaggio
  78. B) September
  79. B) Lions
  80. D) Canary Islands
  81. C) La mar
  82. D) Sardines
  83. A) Portuguese man-of-war
  84. D) Turtling
  85. A) a flock of ducks
  86. A. Santiago to fish
  87. C. Warbler, a Bird
  88. A. Virgin de Cobra
  89. A. The 87th day
  90. C. Santiago

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