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TRB PG-ENGLISH –UNIT-I-DRAMA- Test – ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­25-ANSWERS

  1. C) Ethnically diverse, working class, noisy
  2. A) Her ancestors’ dependence on slave labor
  3. A) Liquor
  4. D) Steve and Eunice
  5. B) Serve her
  6. B) A Kiss
  7. A) Beer
  8. D) He is a kind strange
  9. A) Shep Huntleigh’s phone number and address
  10. B) At the bowling alley
  11. B) She had an affair with a young male student
  12. A) Alpaca
  13. C) The bang of a gunshot
  14. C) A bus ticket
  15. A) 1947 A.D.
  16. A. The Glass Menagerie
  17. B) Illusion and arthifice
  18. A) English
  19. C) He speaks with a supply man named Shaw and a merchant named Kiefaber
  20. D) At the local bar
  21. B) At the Kowalskis’ apartment
  22. A) “It’s Only a Paper Moon”
  23. B) Hart Cran
  24. D) They are each married to a DuBois sister
  25. C) A polka
  26. C) Dallas
  27. C) Herfather
  28. D) Blanche meets Mitch
  29. C) Ethnically diverse, working class, noisy
  30. A) Her ancestors’ “epic fornications
  31. A) Liquor
  32. D) Steve and Eunice
  33. D) Steve and Eunice
  34. B) Serve her
  35. B) A kiss
  36. A) Beer
  37. D) He is a kind stranger
  38. A) Shep Huntleigh’s phone number and address
  39. B) At the bowling alley
  40. B) She had an affair with a young male student
  41. A) Alpaca
  42. C) The bang of a gunshot
  43. C) A bus ticket
  44. C) a mouse
  45. A) preacher
  46. B) History
  47. A) Biology
  48. D) peeling the labels off of bottles
  49. C) their child
  50. 50.  B) the novel is true
  51. 51.  D) he is not running the history department
  52. A) twenty-first birthday
  53. B) 1962
  54. C) Nick cannot maintain an erection
  55. B) Boxing
  56. D) Genetic engineering
  57. B) Dancing
  58. C) Having children
  59. 59.  A) They thought she was pregnant
  60. B) Snapdragons
  61. C) Reads
  62. A) Brandy
  63. C) Kansas
  64. 64.  C) George knocked out Martha
  65. B) Chimes
  66. B) Geese
  67. C) Martha
  68. D) Latin
  69. A) new carthage
  70. D) 46 and 52
  71. D) associate professor of history
  72. C) bette davis
  73. C) the midwest
  74. B) Biology
  75. C) Hades
  76. A) Brandy
  77. B) “Slim-hipped.”
  78. A) 21
  79. D) A parasol pops out of the gun
  80. A) A red-eyed white MOUSE
  81. C) Lady chatterly’s lover
  82. D)Martha’s insistence on calling him a failure for remaining an associate professor
  83. D) She runs to the bathroom to be sick
  84. D) She was experiencing a hysterical pregnancy.
  85. C) The happiest day of his life.
  86. D) He was swerving to avoid a porcupine
  87. B) A five-second pause.
  88. D) A bean bag.
  89. A) Martha is a cyclops.
  90. D) French
  91. D) HE was a famous preacher who stole the church’s money.
  92. C) Blackmailing the college president.
  93. C) Le Sacre Du Printemps- The rite of spring

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